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The Give Your Age Challenge

For Churches

The Give Your Age Campaign is a month-long, giving-focused event to help your congregation experience the power of generosity. We’ll send you everything you need to organize, plan, and implement the campaign, designed to challenge and encourage members of your congregation—from preschool to adult—to give generously. 

The Give Your Age Campaign is exactly what it sounds like—a giving campaign that asks the members of your congregation to support a common fundraising goal by giving their age over the course of thirty days. So, a three-year-old is asked to give three dollars. An eighty-year-old, eighty dollars. And so on. The result is a congregation working to support a common goal, but more importantly it’s an opportunity for your church members to deepen their understanding of the value of generosity. 

The Give Your Age Campaign also incorporates the Generous Kids books and curriculum. The three books help kids process the information individually and allows conversations about generosity to carry into the home. Each of books comes with a free discussion guide.